About Bright Solutions Global PLC

In today’s fast paced multi platform, multi language world there is a massive opportunity and scope for businesses to thrive utilising the amazing array of tools available.

Bright Solutions Global PLC works alongside companies as a technical and mentoring resource: providing training, consultancy and off or on-site coaching. We don’t think at course level or even departmental level. We aim to look at the overall company or global operation and the services / products they provide and subset of projects within. By utilising this top down approach Bright Solutions Global PLC can not only understand the ethos of a company but we can also see how key areas can be improved. Which in turn will improve overall communication and productivity.

We specialise in Software Development, Leadership and the associated Soft Skills.

We have a strong focus on the Finance, Automotive, Healthcare and Retail Industries.

Global Course Delivery

Bright Solutions provides a true global presence from our facilities around the world. We treat a global project in the same manner as a UK project but with the benefit of having our well trusted third party facilities.
Bright Solutions has the local knowledge that makes a big difference
and where possible can provide course notes in the local language.
Please contact your account manager email global@bsgplc.co.uk if you have an overseas training need.


The detail is critical to any successful training project whether its a one-day course or a 200 day global project.
Without the backup of administration our Sales Consultants cannot shine. Our Administrators are appreciated and respected. 

If you have training administration experience and would like a position where you are appreciated 
then please email your CV to jobs@bsgplc.co.uk
We like to think that the Training Consultants at Bright Solutions are not the usual breed of sales executives working in our industry. All of our team have a strong technical background. We provide a good career path and internal technical training, so our sales staff can become even more successful. 

If you have a strong corporate sales background please email your CV to 


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