Ada Fundamentals - Real Time

Course#: BSEMB1003

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Embedded Software BSEMB1003 5 Days

This course provides a full introduction to programming in Ada. It explains Ada’s classic programming features, emphasizing how to construct modular, portable, and reliable systems. It is up to date with the most recent version of the language standard, Ada 2012, but the specific features that are covered may be tailored based on customer requirements.

Why Attend this Course?

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

Depending on customer requirements, an overview of one of the following subjects may also be included:

Object-oriented programming
Low-level programming
Concurrent programming

What you will Learn?


Programmers interested in learning the fundamentals of Ada software development.



Course Outline

Fundamental data types: integer (including modular) types, enumeration types, real types, record and array types
Basic algorithmic features (expressions, statements, subprograms)
Exceptions and exception handling

Modular program construction using packages, private types, limited types, and child library units
Access types (overview or in-depth coverage)
Generic units (overview or in-depth coverage)

The course includes hands-on lab sessions using the latest GNAT Pro development environment.


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