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Our range of courses cover all spects of Agile for BA's, PM's and Developers

At a Glance

Our professional Agile courses will help anyone who wants to manage the Agile methodology within organisations when managing a project. The course includes both accredited and specialist content courses.  The Agile certification will support people who are practicing project management or are Agile course team members but wish to be Agile training project managers. It will also suit project managers who aim to add to their existing knowledge of conventional Agile training Methodology and who work in a quick, changing environment.

Courses can be run in their standard format of fully customised for each client.

Explore Our Courses

Course Name Course Code Link
Agile for Business Analysts BSBA1003 More Information
An Agile Approach to Embedded Software Development BSEMB1021 More Information
From Product Ideas to the Ideal Product – Agile BSAG1046 More Information
Managing the Agile Product Development Life Cycle BSAG1054 More Information
Planning and Managing Agile Projects BSBA1005 More Information
Scrum Team Workshop BSBA1017 More Information
Scrummaster Certification BSAGL11018 More Information
Introduction to Agile & Scrum BSAGL11016 More Information
Effective Agile Requirements Gathering BSAGL11014 More Information
Overview of Agile for Product Owners BSAGL11012 More Information
Taste of Agile BSAGL11011 More Information
Managing Agile Requirements BSAGL1109 More Information
Kanban or Agile BSAGL1108 More Information
Introduction to Agile & Scrum BSAGL1107 More Information
Agile Testing BSAGL1106 More Information
Agile Testing Web Age BSAGL1105 More Information
Agile Software Design and Programming BSAGL1104 More Information
Agile Project Management BSAGL1103 More Information
Agile Leadership BSAGL1101 More Information
Agile Fundamentals BSAGL1100 More Information

We can customise any of these courses to reflect your exact needs for group delivery.  Please call on 0345 467 9557 and ask to speak to one of our training consultants or email your requirement/ questions to

We look forward to working on your next training project.

Have three or more that would like to attend one of these courses let us know and we can make it public for you.


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