Big Data Strategy: It’s time to Think Bigger

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About this Course

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Big Data BSBD2258 1 Day

Developing and implementing a Big Data strategy is vital if you want to stay in business in the coming years. Big Data offers so many benefits to organizations and research indicated that companies leveraging Big Data financially outperform their peers by 20% or more. So, if you do not want to be left behind, you should focus on Big Data now.

Why Attend this Course?

But what is Big Data? How should you develop a Big Data strategy? What can Big Data do for your organization and how should you deal with the privacy aspect of Big Data? Important questions to ask that can be difficult to answer without sufficient knowledge on Big Data.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

This unique Big Data strategy training focuses on Big Data from a business perspective and will provide you with all the knowledge and valuable insights to develop a successful and winning Big Data strategy. This is the only training available that focuses on Big Data from a strategic point of view.

What you will Learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

* What big data is and how it affects your organisation
* How to develop a big data strategy
* The 8 important trends that affect any big data strategy
* Big Data brings great responsibility. You will learn how to ensure the privacy of your customers and what the four ethical guidelines are
* Big data requires new technologies, in this course you will learn about the most important ones and how they affect your company.
* Big data will only become bigger and those brontobytes will become common language in the boardroom. You will understand where big data is heading to and how that affects your organisation.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

The course will offer you insights in how your organization can benefit from Big Data. It features a vast array of examples of how different organizations from around the world in different industries have applied Big Data within their organizations. This will teach you how to think out-of-the-box and innovate your organization with Big Data. In addition it offers you guidance on how to ensure that you or your organization does not become the victim of a bad Big Data strategy.


The Big Data Training is tailored towards decision-makers, marketers, operations managers, supply-chain managers, HR managers, sales representatives, IT personnel and/or financial controllers who want to learn more about Big Data and what it can do for their organization.


A basic understanding of how a business works.

Course Outline

1. Big Data History
* Explanation of the vast moving times we are living in and how that affects organizations
2. 7V’s of a Big Data Strategy
* Explanation of the 7V’s of Big Data and how that affects your Big Data Strategy.
* Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Variability, Visualization and Value
* Big Data facts that define Big Data for your organization as well as how Big Data affects society.
3. Important Big Data Trends
* The Mobile Revolution, requiring a different Big Data approach
* Real-time Big Data
* The Internet of Things
* The Industrial Internet
* The Quantified Self
* Big Social Data
* Open / Public Data
* Gamification
4. Big Data Techniques
* Market overview
* Hadoop and MapReduce
* Various ways of analysing your data

5. Privacy & Ethics
* Big Data ownership
* 4 ethical guidelines
* Big Data security
6. Big Data Roadmap
* Key characteristics data-driven company
* Big Data ROI
* Big Data on the Balance sheet
* Big Data Governance
* Developing a Big Data strategy
* Big Data use case framework – 9 generic Big Data use cases
7. Big Data within your organisation
* Big Data and Marketing / PR
* Big Data and Human Resources
* Best Practices of Big Data
8. Future of Big Data
* Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
* Semantics

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