Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology Foundation Course

Course#: BSBB1000

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Blockchain BSBB1000 1 Day

For those who have heard about Bitcoin and Blockchain, and need to understand …

… where blockchain could or will have a major strategic impact on their business, as a threat or as an opportunity.
… where blockchain offers a tactical opportunity to improve, diversify or optimise current business activities.
… where data and transaction immutability is key.
… the disruptive opportunities blockchain ( shared ledger ) technology will offer.

This course provides a concise introduction with hands on exercise to provide a solid introduction. The day focuses on terminology and basic concepts of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, build a simple blockchain and appreciate its possible use cases, associated issues, opportunities and possibilities.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

This course provides much more content than most courses that are currently available.  We have worked hard to develop a series of hands on exercises that are user friendly and highly interactive.

We also provide a concise post course study pack with numerous information and data to provide post code study.

What you will Learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:


This course is suitable for a wide range of people – from business managers to general IT workers, who need both an overview of blockchain capabilities and a technical view inside blockchain processing.


No prior knowledge required.

Course Outline

Session 1 – Blockchain

● Blockchain – the history
● Purpose – why is it, what is it? ( + examples )
● Blockchain – advantages and disadvantages
● Hashing – tamper proof transaction histories and SHA-256
● Digital Signatures: Public Keys – Private Keys
● Architecture – Centralised vs. Decentralised, Public vs. Private, Permissioned vs. Permissionless
● The Chain – Blocks and Records and Querying
● Consensus and immutability (Mining) – Proof of work (Stake), The 51% attack
● Double Spend issues
● The Blockchain Process
● Summary

Session 3 – Blockchain Workshop

● Ledgers – Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) : public and private
● The commercial players and BAAS ( Blockchain As A Service )
● Practical – Blockchain simple application: definition, creation and use ( And API’s )
● Summary

Session 2 – Cryptocurrency

● Bitcoin – value, trust. A digital asset (2009)
● Buying and Selling – wallets, exchanges and price movements
● Bitcoin Transactions
● Bitcoin Storage options – wallets
● Bitcoin Payment – options and services
● Bitcoin Mining and Transaction fees
● Anonymity
● Altcoins – create your own
● Etherium and Smart Contracts – DAO, DAC
● Summary

Session 4 – Extras and Summary

● Blockchain Use Cases
● ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offerings )
● Soft Forks and Hard Forks, SegWit
● Compliance, Security and Risks – Government, FCA, SEC, Tax, AML, KYC, BitLicense ● Next Steps and the future – barriers and opportunities – when to use, when to not.
● Summary

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