Booking  Terms & Conditions

We will acknowledge your booking request by email upon receipt of a acceptance form. If places are unavailable you will be notified and placed on a waiting list.

Your booking will be confirmed by email within one working day of receiving full payment. Bookings are considered as conditional until full payment has been received.



It is a condition of attendance that the course has been pre-paid. Purchase orders are not accepted in lieu of payment. Payment must be received in full no less than 14 days for a UK course after the booking date of the course.  Immediate payment may be required if linked to a special offer or specific delivery dates. You are responsible for meeting the cost of currency conversion to GBP if necessary.

If you are booking a program that is part of a special promotional offer or a cheaper cancellation date, payment will be required at the point of ordering.



Cancellations must be made in writing or by email. In the event of cancellation the following refunds will be made:

Notice of cancellation received

Amount refunded

Greater than 8 weeks 100%

4 – 8 weeks 50%

Less than two weeks 5%

You can notify us of substitutions to original delegates at any time without charge.


Cancellation of courses by Bright Solutions Global PLC

Bright Solutions Global PLC reserves the right to amend or cancel a course at any time without liability for any travel or other cost incurred by the delegates. We recommend you take out travel insurance if you pre- book travel tickets in case of cancellation. Bright Solutions Global PLC will make a full refund for courses it cancels the course date and if it is unable to arrange an alternative date.

If you are booking a program that is part of a special promotional offer or at a reduced price then your booking will only be valid for transfer to a altenative date or a credit note that can be used for an alternative course if cancelled.

The Bright Solutions Global PLC maintains minimum numbers for classes; in the event that a class doesn’t meet its minimum attendance, then it
Reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the date. A cancelled weekday class will be rescheduled for another weekday ;

Minimum numbers are based on the maximum numbers per class, as follows:
Maximum 4 students = minimum 2 students to run
Maximum 5 students = minimum 3 students to run
Maximum 6 students = minimum 4 students to run
Maximum 7 students = minimum 4 students to run
Maximum 8 students = minimum 4 students to run

There are occasions where the Bright Solutions Global PLC may adjust this and allow a class to run despite not reaching minimum numbers, but this decision is made wholly at itsdiscretion.

The Bright Solutions Global PLC is not responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise,
brought about through cancellation, postponement and / or rescheduling of any course.

The Bright Solutions Global PLC suggests that if the Client has any concerns regarding this, they should seek to insure their booking. Visit CancelSure Insurance for details and to arrange an insurance package.
The Bright Solutions Global PLC has no connection or affiliation with CancelSure or any other event insurer and this recommendation is not an endorsement of CancelSure.


These terms and conditions set out above represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations. Our brochures and advertisements are for information purposes only and are not intended to form any agreement between Bright Solutions Global PLC and the recipient. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and changes will apply to any enrolment/course order received after the date of the change. These terms and conditions may not be varied except in a written agreement signed by an officer of Bright Solutions Global PLC. Bright Solutions Global PLC ís acceptance of a purchase order containing different terms and conditions does not modify or supersede these terms and conditions. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law.


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