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Our range of courses cover all aspects of C# Development

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Every aspect of C# Development is covered by our concise range of courses. We can also customise or combine course content for on-site, in-house delivery.

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Course Name Course Code Link
.NET Framework Essentials Using C# ® (VS2015) BSNET1019 More Information
.NET Framework Using C# (VS 2015) BSNET1000 More Information
Advanced Java, JEE and Web Application Security BSSEC1023 More Information
C/C++ Secure Coding BSSEC1026 More Information
Advanced C#, ASP.NET and Web Application Security BSSEC1017 More Information
Advanced Java and Web Application Security BSSEC1018 More Information
Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems BSEMB1025 More Information
Certified Security Specialist BSSEC1003 More Information
Certified Incident Handler BSSEC1001 More Information
Certified Secure Programmer (Java) BSSEC1002 More Information
Certified Security Analyst BSSEC1003 More Information
Combined C/C++/C#, ASP.NET and Web Application Security BSSEC1028 More Information
Combined Java, .NET and Web Application Security BSSEC1029 More Information
Combined Java, PHP and Web Application Security BSSEC1030 More Information
CyberSecurity Foundation BSSEC1010 More Information
Secure Coding in PHP BSSEC1008 More Information
Standard Java Security BSSEC1007 More Information
Web Application Security BSSEC1006 More Information

We can customise any of these courses to reflect your exact needs for group delivery.  Please call on 0345 467 9557 and ask to speak to one of our training consultants or email your requirement/ questions to sales@brightts.com.

We look forward to working on your next training project.

Have three or more that would like to attend one of these courses let us know and we can make it public for you.


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