Embedded Android Boot Camp

Course#: BSEMB1029

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Embedded Software BSEMB1029 4 Days

Embedded Android Boot Camp is a one-week immersion into the Android operating system and its use on embedded hardware platforms. The training program consisting of an alternating series of lectures and hands-on exercises. This intense educational (and exciting!) program is designed to lead software engineers through the steps of bringing up embedded hardware with the Android OS.¬†This 5-days hands-on class will cover Android from the ground up, including the latest Oreo 8.1, enabling you to get a firm hold on how to adapt Android’s components to your system.

Why Attend this Course?

This course covers a wide spectrum of topics including:

Topics covered include:


*Kernel Androidisms

*System Server

*Treble (incl. HIDL)

*Hardware Abstraction Layers

*Custom APIs

*Custom native user-space

*Custom UI

*glibc user-space

*Device Drivers



What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

We can customize the program to ustilise any specific hardware you are using.

What you will Learn?

Everyone who attends the Embedded Android Boot Camp learns a ton, including:

  • Design and implement Android-based embedded systems
  • Understand Android’s internals
  • Build the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) straight from source
  • Create customized AOSP-based root filesystem images
  • Add Android support for custom hardware
  • Include embedded Linux elements in an Android-based system, incl. Busybox
  • Extend the System Server and Android Framework
  • Create custom SDKs and NDKs
  • Learn how to use Android tools in a general embedded environment
  • Generate and build Android-compatible Linux kernels
  • Customize Android user-interface, incl. the status bar and launcher
  • Add a Posix-compliant C library to the AOSP
  • Understand how Android is and/or can be customized by 3rd parties, including Mobile Network Operators
    • Decide where in the Android stack a feature is best implemented


  • Develop Android-based embedded systems
  • Port Android to new hardware
  • Port complex applications to Android
  • Understand Android’s internals
  • Understand in which way and how Google’s official Android releases are customizable by manufacturers and operators


  • Embedded systems development
  • C, C++
  • Java (working knowledge of)
  • Basic Unix/Linux command line interface experience

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Embedded Android
  • Android overall architecture
  • Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
  • Embedded Linux fundamentals
  • Kernel basics
  • Linux root filesystem
  • Native Android user-space
  • Android power tools
  • Manipulating solid-state storage devices
  • Choosing and installing the root filesystem
  • Kernel internals
  • Kernel Androidisms
  • Android hardware support
  • Device driver development overview
  • Kernel debugging primer
  • System Server
  • Android Framework
  • Core Android applications
  • Custom cross-development toolchains, SDKs and NDKs
  • Android RunTime (ART)
  • Bootloader and fastboot
  • 3rd party projects, resources and tool

In addition to the sections above, content from our other classes can be added and/or substituted in the case of custom classes to better suite your needs:

  • Android App Development
    • Introduction to Android development
    • Binder IPC and remote interfaces
    • Native development with the NDK
  • Linux Device Drivers
    • Hardware and Linux, a view from user-space
    • Writing modules
    • Driver types, subsystem APIs and driver skeletons
    • Hooking up with and using key resources
    • Locking mechanisms
    • Interrupts and interrupt deferal
    • Timely execution and time measurement
    • Memory resources
    • Hardware access
    • Char drivers
    • Framebuffer drivers
    • Input subsystem drivers

What You Get

At the Embedded Android Boot Camp you will receive:

A printed copy of all lecture slides
A printed Exercise Manual with instructions for all programming exercise

Lunch is provided each of the first four days (In Centre Only).

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