Embedded Software Architecture

Course#: BSEMB1018

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Embedded Software BSEMB1018 2 Days

Most efforts to improve software quality focus exclusively on process improvements, such as adoption of coding standards and better use of static analysis tools, code reviews, and testing. But poor software quality also results from bad decisions about the architecture of that software. Thus software architecture is an area for your team to understand better and architecture improvements can be among the easiest ways to increase software quality.

Why Attend this Course?

This course teaches software architecture with a focus specifically on real-time and embedded software.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

What you will Learn?


Embedded software developers and managers


Familiarity with real-time embedded systems terminology

Course Outline

Architecture Defined
What is Software Architecture?
Three Competing Schools
Attributes of Good Firmware Architecture
The Real-Time Hierarchy
Real-Time Operating Systems
Preemptive Scheduling
Avoiding Race Conditions
Meeting Deadlines
Semaphores, Mailboxes, and Message Queues
Avoiding Starvation and Deadlock
Multithreaded Programming Principles

RTOS Alternatives
Implications of Preemption
Interrupt-Driven Systems
Cyclic Executive
Event-Driven Programming
Reactive Programming
Event Queues
Active Objects
State Machine Frameworks

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