Embedded Systems Introduction/Overview

Course#: BSEMBS0001

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Embedded Software BSEMBS0001 0.5/1 Days

Introduction to and demystify embedded systems development. This course training gives a comprehensive and practical overview of the Embedded Systems.

Discussing both design and development concerning Embedded Systems.

Why Attend this Course?

The course also covers both the various general part to embedded systems and specific architecture solutions and tools, and the most frequent and severe security flaws of managed code, dealing with both language-specific issues and the problems stemming from the runtime environment.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

This is a highly informative course which highlights development methods and requirements.

Introducing further pathways into further study and courses for embedded systems development

What you will Learn?

* Understand basic concepts of embedded systems
* Learn about development and management methods
* Learn about tools and programming languages
* Learn about various development environment
* Be informed about recent vulnerabilities in various platforms, frameworks and tools
* Realize the severe consequences of non-managed design and development of Embedded Systems
* Understand the architect for Embedded Systems
* Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them
* Get practical knowledge in using testing tools
* Get sources and further reading on Embedded Systems practices and courses


Managers, Developers and testers of embedded systems development.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Course Outline

*Overview Embedded Software Development
*The History and Application of Embedded Software
*The difference between Enterprise development and Embedded Systems
*The Impact and change required within a Development Team
*Embedded Software Design / Development Focus
*Embedded Development – The Tools and Software
*Embedded Software Security
*Applying Different Methodologies When Managing Embedded Projects – Agile….
*A focus on how to equip your company / team for successful Embedded Software Development
* Embedded System Challenges Present and Future
* Q/A

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