Estimating and Risk Management

Course#: BSPM2008

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Project Management BSPM2008 2 Days

Software projects present their own unique set of characteristics and concerns, including development costs, speed of completion, quality and reliability. Mastering best practices estimation and risk management techniques is critical if one expects to deliver projects on time and within budget. This

workshop not only helps students become more proficient at estimating the parameters of a project’s

time, cost and performance, but demonstrates the most effective methods of identifying and quantifying risks as well.

Why Attend this Course?

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

The course is supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material.

What you will Learn?


Those who are involved in project estimating and risk management.


Course Outline



Workshop Logistics Workshop Materials

How to Get the Most Out of This

Workshop Objectives

Definitions and Concepts


Reasons for Estimating a Project Accuracy in Estimating

Obstacles to Good Estimating Enabling Good Estimating Approaches to Estimating Metrics Used in Estimating

Techniques Used in Estimating

Project Sizing

Project Sizing Fuzzy Logic

Direct Comparison Models

Rayleigh Model

Life Cycle Resource Distribution

Function Point and Delphi Technique Function Points

Estimating Costs

Estimating Costs

Estimating Effort

Parametric Models

Function Point Estimating

What Do You Count in Function Point


Function Point Estimating Information General System Characteristics Task Based Estimating Estimating Task Effort Resource Profiling

Estimating Duration

Estimating Duration Effort Conversion

Statistical Analysis of Project Length Weighted Average Results

Beta and Normal Distributions Normal Distribution and Standard


Calculating Expected Time for the


Using a Z Table to Calculate Probability


How Long Should the Project Be

When Should You Use this Technique

Risk Management

Dealing with Risk Risk Measurement Risk Impact

Risk During Project Life Cycle Psychology of Risk

Project Risk Management Processes Risk Management Planning Definition Risk Management Plan

Function Point Estimating Process Steps

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