How to Build Better Firmware Faster

Course#: BSEMB1020

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Embedded Software BSEMB1020 1 Day

Frustrated with schedule slippages? Bugs driving you batty? Product quality sub-par? This course will teach you how to get your products to market faster with fewer defects. Our recommendations are practical, useful today, and tightly focused on the challenges unique to embedded system development.

Why Attend this Course?

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

What you will Learn?


Engineers, Engineering managers


Working familiarity with the C programming language, Some experience designing embedded hardware or software

Course Outline

C, C++ or Java?
Code Reuse
Controlling Stacks and Heaps
Structuring Embedded Designs
Manage Features… or Miss the Schedule!
Benefits of Multiple CPUs
5 Design Schemes for Faster Development
Overcoming Deadline Madness
Negotiating Realistic Deadlines
Scheduling: Art and Science
The Biggest Productivity Busters
Stamping Out Bugs!
Proactive Debugging
Managing Bugs
Quick Code Inspections
Cool Ways to Find Hardware/Software Glitches

Managing Real-Time Code
Designing Predictable Real-Time Code
Managing Reentrancy
Troubleshooting Erratic Crashes
Better Interrupt Handlers
Interfacing to Hardware
How Fast Signals Cause Firmware Grief
Building Device Drivers Faster
Inexpensive Performance Analyzers
Learning from Failure
Embedded Disasters and What We Must Learn
Using Postmortems to Accelerate Future Projects
7 Step Plan for Firmware Success


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