Internet of Things - IOT - New Course for 2018

Course#: BSIOT2000

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
IOT BSIOT2020 2 Days


The course covers concide coverage of the basic concepts, terminology, and key components of IoT. It explains the business perspectives of IoT including the advantages of early adoption and monetization models. It further expands on the technologies enabling IoT and the various challenges to expect. Several scenarios describe the use cases and applications of IoT that result in smart applications and services to inspire organizations making the move to IoT. The course provides future insights in IoT and forecasts the status of the connected world in 2020.

This interactive and thought provoking course includes:

  • Group discussions
  • Lab activities to allow you to experience IoT applications: These are in-class lab exercises which will allow participants to experience IoT applications.
  • Case scenarios around IoT
  • Module End Questions

Why Attend this Course?

Optional certification avaialble for this course.

This course offers understanding on the IoT technology and provides a detailed glimpse on the business potential it currently offers. The course has essential components which can enable and support in decision making process for executives and users alike. This will allowthem to analyze the future strategy and align themselves to match or get ahead of the competition..

Want to get accredited?

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

Optional Certification Avaialble.

What you will Learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •   Define concepts and terminologies of IoT.
  •  Examine new devices and interfaces that are driving IoT growth.
  •  Relate to  business perspectives of IoT (advantages of early adoption of IoT technologies).
  •  Predict implications of IoT for your business.
  •  Examine the role of enabling technologies for IoT, such as cloud computing and Big Data.
  •  Identify security and governance issues with IoT.
  •  Examine future growth opportunities of IoT in the coming years.


The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation course audience includes all teams across the
Management and Business functions, including:
● C – Level Executives and Senior Management
● General Managers including Business Development Managers (Marketing, Sales)
● IT Project & Programme Management, Risk Management and IT Service
● Business Analysts, Marketing and Sales Executives
● Entrepreneurs and Investors
● Consultants, Professionals in IT service related fields


Basic knowledge of Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data concepts, Networking
Recommended: Cloud Technology Associate Certification or Big Data Foundation.
Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Lean, and ITSM principles is beneficial.

Course Outline

Concepts and Terminologies

  • Introduction: Internet, Things, and IoT
  • IoT Types, History and Evolution of IoT
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Differences Among IoE, M2M, and IoT
  • Facts and Figures Around IoT and IoT Application Areas

Business Orientation

  •     Drivers of IoT
  •     Benefits of a Connected World
  • IoT Business: Opportunities, Benefits, and Challenges
  • IoT Monetization Strategies and Models

Basic Building Blocks of IoT–Architecture

  •     Architecture of IoT Components
  •     Network Protocols Within IoT


Enabling Technologies of IoT + Lab Activities

  •     Role of Social Media and Mobility in IoT
  • Defining SMACT
  •     Role of Big Data and Analytics in IoT
  •     Role of Cloud Computing in IoT

IoT Security and Top Governance Issues

  •     IoT Security Challenges
  •    Causes of IoT Security Breaches

●     IoT Security Risks

IoT Case Studies and Future Predictions

  • IoT Usage Scenarios
  • IoT Growth Perspectives
  • IoT Future Predictions

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