Making Projects Work

Course#: BSPM1102

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Project Management BSPM1102 2 Days

This 2-day highly interactive, results-focused workshop is ideal for project team members, practicing project managers and project leaders who need to achieve consistent project success through people.

Why Attend this Course?

Participants will acquire advanced interpersonal skills and learn consensus-building techniques that help provide clarity and garner commitment from team members, customers and management. These influential skills are instilled in participants through real-world scenarios, which continually reinforce the skills, techniques and concepts necessary to improve project results immediately upon return to the workplace.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

This is a highly interactive Hands on courses with the options of the Accelerator Plus1 Workshop.

Lot of demos, practical exercises and samples. Very strong presentation skill of the trainer. Good balance between theory and practice application.

What you will Learn?


Those who must influence project customers and other team members.


Experience in project management; that is for those who are indirectly or directly in a position to influence the outcome of a project.

Course Outline

1.       Introduction Situation Overview Workshop Logistics Workshop Materials

How to Get the Most Out of This


About this Guide Foundation Skills Workshop Content

Personal Learning Objectives

2.       Connected Listening


Baseline Considerations Key Terms Definitions

When do we need to use connected


Common Deficiencies and Problems in


Connected Listening

The Process of Listening, Dialogue

Creation, & Problem Definition Practice Instructions for Connected


3.       Contracting for Commitment


Key Terms Definitions When do we need

Common Deficiencies and

Problems with Negotiating and Contracting

Negotiation Considerations Key Elements in Developing


Negotiation Principles How Do You Do It?

Apply – Practice Instructions

Soliciting Feedback

4.       Influence through Selling Ideas


Baseline Considerations

When do we need to influence? What Is It?

Opening Line SOCR

Simulation: Influencing an


Influencing a Group

5.       The Art of Managing



Baseline Considerations Definitions

What Really Happens?


Analyze Resistance Tool – ART

Apply – Practice Instructions for the

Analysis Resistance Tool

Purpose/ Process

6.       Group Facilitation


Baseline Considerations

Preparing for a Facilitation

Summary of GARP Questions

Meeting Facilitation Design Worksheet Facilitating for Commitment

7.       Process Start-Up


When do we need to use the Process

Start Up Matrix?

What is it?

Using the Process Start-Up Matrix How do we get started? Apply

8.       Scope Facilitation Technique


Baseline Considerations Key Terms Definitions What is it?

Scope Facilitation Steps Apply

9.       Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis


Baseline Considerations When do we need to use? What is it?

How to steps

10.     Force Field Analysis


Baseline Considerations Human impact conditions

When do we need to use Force Field


Project Characteristics

Three Approaches to Facilitation Force Field Analysis

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