Managing Virtual Teams

Course#: BSMG1000

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Management BSMG1000 2 Days

Technology and globalization have combined to create a work environment in which teams communicate and collaborate virtually, thereby breaking the boundaries of time, geography – even the organization itself. To ensure projects are completed successfully, managers must find ways to help team members work together effectively, no matter how much distance might separate them.

Why Attend this Course?

The Virtual Teams 2-day workshop is specifically designed to help managers and team members optimize project performance when working in virtual environments. Participants will learn how to align business and project goals with performance metrics, quantify and measure results, maximize team dynamics and build lasting foundations of trust.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

What you will Learn?


Project Managers, team leaders, and team members.



Course Outline

1. Defining Virtual Teams
Organizational readiness
Multicultural issues
Stay in the loop
2. Organization Support for a Virtual Team
Organizational Support Factors
Assessing Your Organization
Analyzing Your Results
Remedies for Low Scores
Identifying Sponsors, Champions and Stakeholders
3. Virtual Technologies
Communications Technology Defined
Tools available to Virtual Teams
Further Considerations
4. Starting a Virtual Team
The Four Components of a Team
Three Steps to a Virtual Team
Types of Team Members
Building Competence
Virtual Team Member Assessment
Development Planning
Team Orientation
Developing a Charter
Team Web Site
Responsibilities and Accountabilities
Communication Plan
Types of Norms
Personal Service Level Agreement

5. Virtual Communications
Replacing Context
Closing the Loop
Communication Technology Etiquette
6. Leading a Virtual Team
How to Lead a Virtual Team
Best Practices
Virtual Team Leader Assessment
Virtual Team Building
Trust in a Virtual World
How to Build Trust
Trust Audit
Assessing Team Performance
Warning Signs
Disbanding a Virtual Team
7. Working Virtually
The Pros and Cons
Dealing with the Challenges of Working from Home
Best Practices for Working Virtually
8. Lessons Learned and Summary
Navigate Your Future


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