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Our range of courses cover all spects of Mobile Development

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Our range of courses cover all aspects of Mobile Development. We can also customise or combine course content for on-site, in-house delivery.

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Course Name Course Code Link
Advanced Android Security BSSEC1020 More Information
Advanced Programming for Android Using Android Studio BSMB1000 More Information
Embedded Android Boot Camp BSEMB1029 More Information
Mobile Application Testing professional BSMD1150 More Information
Platform Independent Mobile Development with jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova BSMD1149 More Information
Introduction to Requirement Gathering for Mobile Applications BSMD1148 More Information
Cross-Platform Mobile Development using Sencha Touch 2 and Apache Cordova BSMD1147 More Information
Introduction to Programming for Android Using Android Studio BSMD1146 More Information
Testing Mobile Applications and Mobile Web BSMD1145 More Information
Using Sencha Touch 2 and Apache Cordova BSMD1144 More Information
Mobile Development for Non-technical Managers & Project Managers BSMD1143 More Information
Programming for Android Using Android Studio BSMD1142 More Information
Mobile UI Design Essentials and UI Design Patterns BSMD1141 More Information
Mobile Software Design Patterns and Architecture BSMD1140 More Information
Mobile Development Bootcamp BSMD1139 More Information
iOS 9 App Development using Swift BSMD1138 More Information
Introduction to iOS Platform for Business Users BSMD1137 More Information
Android for Executives BSMD1136 More Information
Android for Business Users BSEMD1135 More Information

We can customise any of these courses to reflect your exact needs for group delivery.  Please call on 0345 467 9557 and ask to speak to one of our training consultants or email your requirement/ questions to

We look forward to working on your next training project.

Have three or more that would like to attend one of these courses let us know and we can make it public for you.


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