Plus 1 Project / Accelerator Workshop

 In Technical & Management Training

The plus one project is just another ethos that sets Bright Solutions apart from the standard course providers.

Scenario One: Most delegates attend a 3-5 days course be it standard or Guerrilla (cram it in then test courses) then go back into the work place to implement their new skills. This is where they require the highest level of support and where any investment in training is generally lost.

Scenario Two: Delegate finishes course and goes back in the workplace with a live project, access to the course lecturer via the Visual Learning Studio and an action plan to work on for the next 4-6 weeks; before attending their final course Accelerator Workshop.

Scenario two affords the delegate the continued support from the lecturer, whom they have built a relationship with.

It provides them with a path to follow, certain tasks to put into practice their new learnt skills in line with the action plan and a goals; with a focus on bringing everything learnt together in the Accelerator Workshop.

What is the net result? Confidence, focus and anticipation.

It’s another intelligent but simple Bright Solution.


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