SQL Server Analysis Services for Business Intelligence (BI Series)

Course#: BSSQL1005

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
SQL BSSQL1005 4 Days

With the current explosion of data in today’s enterprise environment, traditional methods of querying and reporting on information are no longer sufficient. This course provides the skills to analyse and discover trends in your data warehouse. You learn to create On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes using business intelligence tools and to automate their maintenance.


Why Attend this Course?

This is an extensive hands on course taught in small groups to maximise the learning experience.

What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

Delivered in small group size to maximise the learning experience.

Available with Plus1 Accelerator Option.

What you will Learn?

Leverage SQL Server Analysis Services to produce BI solutions

Create OLAP cubes and automate maintenance with XMLA scripts

Extend hierarchies and exploit advanced dimension relationships

Build custom solutions with MDX

Implement key performance indicators to monitor business objectives

Make smarter business decisions with data-mining techniques


This course is intended for SQL professionals.


Those with a working knowledge of relational databases who want to design, create or develop analysis cubes from a database.

Course Outline

Building and Modifying an OLAP Cube

Designing a Unified Dimension Model (UDM)

Identifying measures and their suitable granularities

Adding new measure groups and creating custom measures

Creating dimensions

Implementing a Star and Snowflake Schema

Identifying role-play dimensions

Adding dimension attributes and properties

Configuring multilanguage support

Extending the Cube with Hierarchies


Creating hierarchies

Building natural hierarchies and creating attribute relationships

Discretising attribute values with the Clusters and Equal Areas algorithms


Parent-child relationships

Defining parent and key attributes

Generating level captions with Naming Template


Exploiting Advanced Dimension Relationships

Storing dimension data in fact tables

Building a degenerate dimension

Configuring fact relationships



Saving space with referenced dimension relationships

Identifying candidates for referenced relationships

Utilising the Dimension Usage tab to configure referenced relationships


Including dimensions with many-to-many relationships

Implementing intermediate measure groups and dimensions

Reporting on many-to-many dimensions without double counting

Implementing a Tabular Model Database

Providing users with analytics via xVelocity and Power Pivot

Comparing DAX with MDX

Mapping out the role of SharePoint


Managing Cubes

Designing storage and aggregations

Choosing between ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP

Partitioning cubes for improved performance

Designing aggregations with Aggregation Design Wizard

Leveraging the Usage-Based Optimisation Wizard


Automating processing and deployment

Exploiting XMLA scripts and SSIS

Refreshing cubes with Proactive Caching


Performing Advanced Analysis with MDX

Retrieving data with MDX

Defining tuples, sets and calculated members

Querying cubes with MDX


Monitoring business performance with KPIs

Building goal, status and trend expressions

Using PARALLELPERIOD to compare past time periods

Simplifying KPI definitions using KPIValue and KPIGoal


Enhancing cubes with MDX

Adding runtime calculations to the cube

Adding drill-through and URL actions


Gaining Business Advantage with Data Mining

Determining the correct model

Identifying business tasks for data mining

Training and testing data-mining algorithms

Comparing algorithms with the accuracy chart


Performing real-world predictions

Classifying with Decision Trees, Neural Network and Naive Bayes algorithms

Predicting with the Time Series algorithm

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